It´s all about Emotion.

Stop talking about the size of your company and how much money you make every year… Facts are boring! Film is about emotion and the only thing that really matters is a well-told story. The Power of Story captivates your audience for a longer time. So tell us more about you and your success story, about the first idea you ever had, your toughest challenge in your business life, introduce us to your faithful companions & show us the true spirit of your passion.

Take us on a journey & start telling your Story!

Flying Fist Crew

The punchy black forest filmmakers

Just tell your unique story.

It doesn't matter if you want to advertise your company, your latest product, your event or even yourself as an artist. There's a story in everything and we will find it!

Flying Fist Film is a bunch of creative filmmakers from Black Forest focusing on corporate storytelling! Our great passion for feature films enables us to create extraordinary Films for the industry.

We produce stories for companies, brands, events and artists! Together we develop individual and powerful stories in all genres and formats for image films, advertising and event movies.

Our crew works with an international network of young and creative filmmakers in all areas to guarantee a high quality standard in every phase of filmproduction. We accompany you from creating your individual concept to producing your movie in an unique audiovisual style with modern visual effects possibilities.

David Hugle

Director of Photography

Christian Sachs

Writer & Director

Behind the Scenes

Creating - Film - Together.

Creating polarizing Stories.